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Marine Corps Quotes- A Testament to the Marine Corps’ Sacrifice for our Freedom

marine corps quotes, marine quotes, usmc quotes, marine corp quotes,Famous Marine Corps quotes are a testament to the fearless fighting force that has protected America’s freedoms for generations.  They are well trained warriors who thrive in combat situations to make peace a viable entity.  Marines are the first to fight because they are the most capable and prepared force on the planet.  Some of the amazing quotes of famous marines in combat prove that unequivocal fact.

“We’re surrounded?  Good, now we can kill the bastards in any direction.”

~ Colonel Lewis B. “Chesty” Puller; Korean War

“Retreat, hell we just got here!”

~ Captain Lloyd Williams, USMC at the Battle of Belleau Wood WWI

“C’mon you sons-of-bitches, do you want to live forever!”

~ GySgt Dan Daley at the Battle of Belleau Wood WWI

“Casualties many; Percentage of dead not known; Combat efficiency; we are winning.”

~ Colonel David M. Shoup, USMC, Tarawa, 21 November 1943

“Goddam it, you’ll never get the purple heart hiding in a foxhole!  Follow me!”

~ Captain Henry P. “Jim” Crowe, USMC, Guadalcanal, 13 January 1943

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